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Shlomo PPE v0.1
Slow down ANSis in PCBoard
. Display ANSis in a more
authentic speed on
internet connections
. Works for .ANS and .PCB
. Source included
<c> 2019 stimpy [cbd]
# Shlomo v0.1
Copyright 2019 Philipp Giebel <>
Licensed under the MIT License:
## Introduction
Shlomo is a PPE to slow down the display of ANSi and PCB files on modern
internet connections.
## Installation
None. Use with parameters, where needed..
For example, if you want your WELCOME banner to be slowed down, rename your
WELCOME file to WELCOME.PCB and create a new file WELCOME with this content:
!<shlomo.ppe> <file.ans> <speed>
> `shlomo.ppe` - Full path and filename to shlomo.ppe
> `file.ans` - Full path and filename to your ansi or pcb
> `speed` - Higher = faster, too high = error ;) (4, if omitted)
*For example:*
### ansiGAL
To use this with ansiGAL just add its full path and filename as external
viewer in the ANSIGAL.CFG. No further parameters needed, speed will be
default (4).
## Support
To be honest, I don't know if I WILL still support this in a year.. ;)
That's, why I licensed it under the MIT License and included the source,
so you can do whatever your want with it, as long as you include me as the
original author.
That said, there is that GitLab:
There, you can file issues and/or requests and always find the latest
version of the script.
## Source code
I've included the sourcecode, so you can modify, fix, enhance and make it
your own...
Not much more to say, here, since it's just 28 lines.. ;)
## Download
You can always find the latest version of Shlomo at my GitLab:
## Demo
You can see this script in action in my BBS called
"Da CyberDawg" (long story.. ;) ) at
> telnet://
for a web-client.
## Motivation
"Why the hell PPE in 2019!?", you might ask...
"For my 2019 PCBoard BBS at telnet:// " is my answer...
"But why, for fucks sake, a PCBoard BBS in 2019!?", you might ask then...
...But then let me ask you a question: Why did you read all this up to this
very line, if you're not a PCBoard SysOp in 2019 yourself?
C'mon! Get a hobby! Like being a PCBoard SysOp for example... ;)
File added
; Shlomo v0.1
; (C)opyright 2019 by Philipp Giebel <>
; Licensed under MIT License:
; Repository:
; See for more information...
string ansi
string line
string speed
boolean runit
integer c
ansi = GetToken()
speed = GetToken()
if ( ansi == "" ) then
printLN "error"
if ( speed == "" ) then
speed = "4"
runit = 1
FOpen 1, ansi, O_RD, S_DN
while ( runit ) do
for c = 1 to speed
if ( FErr(1) ) then
runit = 0
FGet 1, line
printLN line
inc c
delay 1
\ No newline at end of file
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