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Rabenwetter Template CHANGELOG
(C)opyright 2018-2019 by Philipp Giebel
I don't do version numbers, yet, so I've divided by months.
All entries are in decrementing chronological order.
For an even more complete changelog check the commits at
January 2019
+ Added dutch translation by F. Saelens
! Fixed hardcoded cam and page titles in templates
+ Added easier editable example pages for info and contact
+ Added automatic install and update script
! Fixed localized current.json.tmpl files
(removed excessive #enf if statement)
! Added javascript files to translation process
+ Added support for gettext compatible l10n files
+ Added (optional) rain radar from
November 2018
+ Added french translation by Nyphargus
+ Added configuration for copyright notice in footer
+ Added hardcoded link to weewx and rabenwetter to footer
! Fixed amonth files (added loop)
+ Added norwegian translation by Hans-Christian Grande
+ Added (optional) extra cams
+ Added automatic switching of background the image for summer and winter
! Changed example Radar URL to
+ Added multilanguage distribution files
+ Added toggleswitch for inside / outside temperature to live instruments
October 2018
+ Added configuration for theme colors
April 2018
! Fixed previously hardcoded fullscreen configuration
- Removed dx-light-theme
! Fixed current lapses to be js independent
+ Added javascript warning
! Fixed camimage crossfading
(wait for new image to be loaded before fading)
! Fixed hover-zoom of cam2
! Fixed refreshing of cam1
! Fixed date functions for ipad/iphone
! Fixed double loading of cam2 on pageload
! Including custom devextreme bundle (instead of the complete one, before)
! Fixed checks for existing variables
! Fixed cam update interval calculation
! Fixed cam2 title on homepage
+ Added patch to add week variable to
+ Added configuration for radar image, link and title, webcam titles,
refresh intervals of the webcams and the url of where your timelapses are located
+ Added (optional) graphs and instruments for fine dust.
! Fixed text layout of sidebar (no wrapping, no overflow)
! Made page meta- and opengraph tags obey configured site information
+ Added configuration for site title, description and owner
! Only run devextreme scripts when needed. (Not on homepage - safe mb and cpu)
+ Added date and time to archive graphs
! Fixed responsive layouts
+ Added favicons
- Removed "loading" message from webcams
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