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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ I will eventually update and really release it, when it's ready, but it's not, y
See this skin in action at [](
## Installation
## Installation & Configuration
* **Copy `dist.??/*` to a new folder inside your weewx `skins` directory.**
> **Example:**
> `cp -r template_rabenwetter/dist.en/* /etc/weewx/skins/Rabenwetter/`
......@@ -45,6 +45,35 @@ change it to `"Rabenwetter"`
> `[[StandardReport]]`
> ` skin = Rabenwetter`
## Updates
You can always find the latest version of this
[at my gitlab](
I'm frequently working on this and you're strongy encouraged to update your copy once in a while...
You can either use `git pull` to update your existing clone of the project or download as
[zip file](
Either way, continue by:
1. Deleting the skin.conf file from distribution files:
> `rm dist.*/skin.conf`
2. Adjusting owner and group (change user and group according to who's running weewx on your system):
> `chown -R weewx:weewx dist.*`
3. Copying distribution files for your language to `/etc/weewx/skins/Rabenwetter/` (change paths according to your environment:
> `cp -ar dist.en/* /etc/weewx/skins/Rabenwetter/`
4. Adjusting group of the assets folder to be readable by your webserver (adjust...):
> `chown -R weewx:www-data dist.*/assets/
5. Manualy copying assets folder for your language to webroot (adjust...):
> `cp -ar dist.en/assets /var/www/weewx/
6. Checking `src/skin.conf` for changes and manually adding them to your `/etc/weewx/skins/Rabenwetter/skin.conf`
* **Webcam(s) (optional)**
This skin can make use of up to two webcams. If you don't have of want them,
simply delete or comment the corresponding configuration parameters from the
......@@ -182,11 +211,6 @@ All translations other than english and german were done by users of this templa
* [Hans-Christian Grande]( Norwegian
## Updates
You can always find the latest version of this
[at my gitlab](
## License
This template is licensed under the MIT License. Please see included
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