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file for fr translation

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"amb": {
"current": "Courant",
"archive": "Archive",
"info": "Info",
"contact": "Contact",
"jsalert": "Il faut javascript pour voir les compteurs live. (ex: desactivation NoScript addon.)",
"news": "Actualite",
"weather": "Meteo",
"forecast": "Prevision",
"temperature": "Temperature",
"precipitation": "Precipitation",
"windspeed": "Vitesse vent",
"winddirection": "Direction vent",
"humidity": "Humidite",
"pressure": "Pression atmospherique",
"finedust": "Poussieres fines",
"finedust25": "Poussieres fines 2,5μm",
"finedust10": "Poussieres fines 10μm",
"inside": "interieur",
"outside": "exterieur",
"trend": "Tendance",
"barometer": "Barometre",
"windspd": "Vent vit.",
"winddir": "Vent dir.",
"rain": "Pluie",
"dust25": "Poussiere 2,5μm",
"dust10": "Poussiere 10μm",
"rainradar": "Radar pluie",
"source": "Source",
"timelapse24": "Timelapse 24h",
"timelapse365": "Timelapse 365d",
"sun": "Soleil",
"moon": "Lune",
"day": "Jour",
"week": "Semaine",
"month": "Mois",
"year": "Annee",
"temperatureoutside": "Temperature <span>Exterieure</span>",
"chooseperiod": "Choisir la periode...",
"morestations": "Autres stations",
"links": "Liens",
"imprint": "Imprint"
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