Commit f0e7facd authored by Philipp's avatar Philipp

fixed typo in if statement

parent b2336e04
......@@ -175,9 +175,9 @@ echo " - preparing"
cp -r template_rabenwetter/dist/i18n/$lang/* template_rabenwetter/dist/
rm -rf template_rabenwetter/dist/i18n
if [ "$( hostname )" = "rabenwetter" ]
mv template_rabenwetter/dist/info.own.html.tmpl template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl
mv template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.own.html.tmpl template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.html.tmpl
rm -f template_rabenwetter/dist/*.own.html.tmpl
mv template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl.dist
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