Commit 70f2555d authored by Philipp's avatar Philipp

fixed typo in updatescript

parent b34215a8
...@@ -182,11 +182,11 @@ then ...@@ -182,11 +182,11 @@ then
cp template_rabenwetter/tools/*.sh template_rabenwetter/dist/ cp template_rabenwetter/tools/*.sh template_rabenwetter/dist/
chmod 644 template_rabenwetter/dist/*.sh chmod 644 template_rabenwetter/dist/*.sh
else if [ "$( hostname )" = "ortenbergwetter" ] else if [ "$( hostname )" = "ortenbergwetter" ]
echo " downloading personalized files for ortenberg!" echo " downloading personalized files for ortenberg!"
curl -s >template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.html.tmpl curl -s >template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.html.tmpl
curl -s >template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl curl -s >template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl
curl -s >template_rabenwetter/dist/skin.conf curl -s >template_rabenwetter/dist/skin.conf
else else
mv template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl.dist mv template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl template_rabenwetter/dist/info.html.tmpl.dist
mv template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.html.tmpl template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.html.tmpl.dist mv template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.html.tmpl template_rabenwetter/dist/contact.html.tmpl.dist
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